Sophie the Otter

Sophie the Otter is a famous GoAnimate otter who is friends with Igor the Mii, King Kool, and her boyfriend Preston Evergreen.


Sophie is a Japanese-Italian otter who is PB&J's cousin. She first appeared in the Theory games of the Supernanny Fanon Wiki. Ever since 2013, she has gotten into GoAnimate. 


Age: 14 (15 in real life)

Voiced by:Jenell Brook Slack (Theory games), TTS Kayla (in GoAnimate)


Sweetheart: Preston Evergreen

Best Friends: Igor, King Kool, IA (even though they can sometimes be rivals)

Friends: MC Adore, Rosalina 


Most Favorite: Fishicles

Favorite: Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, anything healthy

Least Favorite: Nasty food in general

Most Least Favorite: Liver