Preston Evergreen

Preston Evergreen is a gray bear who is Sophie the Otter's boyfriend.


Preston Evergreen is one of the sons of Forest and Honeysuckle Evergreen who hailed from the Sylvanian Forest (from the Sylvanian Families DiC Cartoon). He is considered a class clown, always acting funny to cheer anybody up. Although his jokes may annoy Sophie, he is still well-bonded.


Age: 8

Voiced by: Jacob Ewaniuk (replacing Michael Fantini)


Sweetheart: Sophie the Otter

Best Friends: Igor, King Kool, Rusty Wildwood, Bud Timbertop, Grover Chestnut

Friends: MC Adore, Rosalina,


Most Favorite: Anything with honey (since bears like honey)

Favorite: Pizza, Hamburgers, Ice Cream, Candy

Least Favorite: Brussel Sprouts

Most Least Favorite: Any greens

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