A series by Igor, IA and KingKool720.


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An amused and calm Mii, he is known for building the hotel.


A guy who is mostly unlucky.


A Guy who is a samurai and psychopath. but he doesn't kill his friends, unless they are false friends.


A robot with black vertical lin for eyes and a simple line mouth. He has black stick arms and legs and a gray body and head. He has two horns on his head, with his left one broken. Chrome is in love with Hope and friends with the people in the hotel. He came for a vacation, but it is unknown when he will leave. Chrome is funny, brave, and sometimes sarcastic. He holds many dark secrets no-one knows except him. He was created by Paradox Science in 1977, and gained life in a place in space known as The Void, where a black substance fused with his wiring and circuits and gave him feelings and the ability to make choices, along with many other things to the point where he has free will and can act like a human. He resides in Room 73 and often hangs out in The Lobby.


Season 1 (March 2015) (31 Episodes)Edit

1.Here we Come!

2.Robert's Small Fad

3.Girly Fever

4.NFM Tournament

5.Joyce and Pookamustard Arrived

6.Dilemma with Ighauna, Pethy and Zelon (Crossover with Chickery Neat Fanfiction, Also by Igor)