First Episode of Life at a Hotel


Igor finishes building a hotel and a lot of people come in.

Cast (w.i.p)Edit

Igor Luan as Igor

? As Mc Adore



[Igor the Mii is all Sweaty, After Building a large hotel that took him a entire week to build]

Igor: Finally...

[MC Adore Comes from a Car]

MC Adore: Nice Hotel.

(I.A and luna arrive)

I.A: holy sh*t! nice building you got there!

[Sophie and Preston float in from Sophie's bubble, and the bubble pops]

Sophie: "We're ready to check in!"

Preston: "Let's check it in!"

Sophie: "Do you mean out?"

Preston: "Oh, sorry."

Igor: Okay.

Sophie: "Which room shall we be assigned in?"

Preston: "How about 7, the lucky number?"

Sophie: "Nah. Too biased."

KingKool720: "AUGH! Skyscraper! Or is it that motel Igor has been telling me about?" [enters and checks in] "ROOM 13?! AUGH!!!"

Igor: I expected that, KK720.

MC Adore: I am on Room 2!

Igor: and i am on room 1

Rosalina: This is a really nice hotel, I just hope the pool is open... or does it even have a pool?

[Enters room 13]

KingKool720: "This room is gorgeous. Friggin' gorgeous!"

[Sophie enters room 98 while Preston enters room 87]

Sophie: (shouting down to Preston's room) "Isn't it a coincidence, since my cousins show premiered on the year with the same last two digits as my room number?"

Preston: "Same coincidence too!"

Sophie: "Every night, you can come to my room, promise?"

Preston: "Promise!"

[Overhears the conversation]

KingKool720: "Dang. Preston and Sophie make a great couple."

[Overhears the conversation too]

Rosalina:Aww.... that's adorable..

Igor: Mkay?

Sophie: "Now, since we got into our rooms, let's a fancy date to the bowling alley next door!"

Preston: "Bowling alley? Do you play it on the street where you knock over garbage-"

Sophie: "No, silly bear. It's the pins, remember?"

Preston: "OK!"

[The two leave the hotel and go out together to go bowling at Igor's Bowling Alley, which he also built]

Igor: Hm.

MC Adore: We can Host a BBQ Party.

Igor: Maybe. And Yes, i am a leader of a Orginaization.

MC Adore: Okay?

Igor: Anyway, I've got to ask KingKool720 if he want to be staff.

KingKool720: [lying in bed] "Ow. I remember Wikia Island. My no-no place STILL hurts."

[Sophie and Preston are exiting the bowling alley]

Preston: "That was fun. I got three strikes till I was out!"

Sophie: "That's not bowling, that's baseball! Anyway, I only got a spare. Perhaps we should return to the hotel. I received a phone call from Igor about a BBQ Party."

Preston: "BBQ?! Sounds neat!"

Sophie: "We can come up with ideas on what to include!"

Preston: "Cool!"

Igor: [Enters Room 13]

"Igor: It's Too short."

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